Our general trading division set a high standard for looking and closing the best deal for our buyers and sellers. Our main field of business is trading Steel, Cement, Stone Aggregates, Iron Ore Aggregates, Iron Ore for steel Industries, Coal, other raw material for heavy / light industries, Fertilizers, Food Grains, Sugar, Pipes, Pumps, valves, Water Treatment Plants, RO Plants, Construction Chemicals, Other chemicals required for water treatment plants and Industries, construction equipments, Hospital equipments, etc...

We understand that each project differs in terms of developer requirements and objectives, we maintain flexibility and adaptability in its methods so that our scope of services can be as broad or as specific as you like. Whatever the commission, you can rely on our commitment to efficiency, confidentiality and communicating in clear terms.

We can assure you that we have what you need, when you need it and how you need it. We are here to serve your needs.

Construction & Utility Services:

Carbon steel & stainless steel (SMLs, ERW, SW, CW, LSAW, SSAW)
Ductile Iron Pipes
HDPE / PVC Pipes
Reinforcement Steel or Rebar
Chemical Additives (Water reducers, Plasticizer, etc.)
Concrete mixing plants (Mobile and Stationary)
Carpentry Tools
Vibrator or Shakers
Asphalt batching plants
Pneumatic Rollers
Bitumen & Additives

Pipe Fittings & Piping products:

Carbon steel & stainless steel (SMLs, ERW, SW, CW, LSAW, SSAW)
Drill Pipes & Casing Pipes
Line Pipes
Buttweld, forged, screwed and socket weld fittings in carbon steel, alloy steel & stainless steel
PVC,HDPE, LDPE pipes & fittings
GRE, GRP Pipes and Fittings
Stainless steel tubing, Cupro nickel/brass tubes and fittings
Cleaning Pigs
Pig launchers
Heat Shrinkable Pipe sleeves, Anodeflex, Power Crete

 Industrial Valves:

Gate Valve
Globe Valve
Ball Valve
Butterfly Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve (PRVs / NRVs)
Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs)

Valves & accessories

Cast steel / Cast Iron Gate, Globe & Check valves
Forged steel Gate, Globe & Check valve
Lubricated/Non lubricated plug valves, diaphragm valves
Ball Valves, Top & side entry
Needle Valves & gauge valves
Y and Pot type strainers
Electro Magnetic, ultrasonic flow meter for water, oil & steam
Expansion bellows


Level Measurement- level radar ultrasonic
Pressure Transmitters,
Pressure Gauges
Temperature Gauges
Level Gauges
Hipot Tester
Instrumentation fittings


HV / MV / LV Power Cables
Control & Instrumentation Cables
Rubber & Earthing Cables
Cable Trays, Cable Ladder & Trunking – PVC, GI & SS
Panels, Junction boxes, Switches & Glands (EEx’d)
Earthing and Lightning Equipment, Exothermic welding system
Termination kits, Boots, Straight Joints (LV, MV, HV)
Bus & Overhead lines Insulation Products (LV & MV)
Lighting Fixtures, Flood Light (Explosion proof & Weather proof)
Industrial AC/DC motors
Heat Tracing System
UPS, Inverters (Batteries & Solar Panel Operated)

Machinery & Equipment

Pumps & motors
Air Compressors Package – reciprocating & screw
Nitrogen Generators
Diesel engines & generators
Fume Extraction Units
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
Sand & Water Blasting Machine
Fuel dispensing units
Workshop and Lab Equipments


Installation and Hand tools (Tyco Electronics + Tyco adhesives)
Welding, Threading, Cutting & Grinding Machines
Bending Machine (1/2” – 20” SCH 40)
Electrical /pneumatic Tools
Hydraulic tools & Accessories
Hydraulic jacks & Accessories
Torque Wrenches /Bolt tensioners
Tube Expanders & Cleaners
Band clamps & fastening tools
Electrical Hoists & Chain Hoists /lever Hoists, Shackles, Hooks
Wire ropes- Non rotating, Wire rope slings
PP/Nylon/Manila/Ceramic/Asbestos ropes
Nylon lifting Slings

Mechanical and Electrical Consumables

Cutting and Grinding products
Welding consumables
Threading consumables
Painting consumables
Cutting and chipping consumables
Cable tiles and warning tapes
Cable ties UV coated
Cable identification marker
Cable Markers, PVC Tiles & Underground Warning Tapes

Insulation & fire protection Products / Safety Textiles

Hot & cold insulation fibre glass textiles
Asbestos / Twisted Ceramic Ropes
Rock wool / calcium silicate
Fire Blankets
Breathing Apparatus
Eyewash and Safety Shower
Fire protection clothing
Weld shop fabrics
Safety products
Safety gadgets
Pipe Insulation Joints

Sealing Products

o Jointing / gaskets sheets
o Grafoil, Polit Packing
o Oil seals & mechanical seals
o Teflon sheets, rods, tapes etc
o Pure graphite tapes, sheets & packing
o Spiral wound gaskets
o Ring Joint gaskets
o Metallic jacketted gaskets
o Adhesives, sealants & repair kits

Drilling & Exploration:

Water Drilling Rigs
Steel Piles
Pipe Casing
Pilling Drilling Rigs
Sheet Pilling
Sheet Piling Machinery
Piling Pipes
Piling Caps

Cutting, Welding Tools & Accessories:

Welding Consumables, Pipe Line Tools, Equipments & Accessories
Cutting & Grinding Equipments, Accessories & Consumables
Lifting Equipments & Accessories
Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machines
Safety Equipments & Accessories
Other Miscellaneous Supplies relating to Industrial Projects, Marine Applications & Construction Site activities


Industrial Silica Sand of various grades. ( 0.2-2.0 mm)
Silica flour ( 40 micron +)
Sodium Silicate ( Lumps and Liquid)
Boric Acid (Normal Sulphate)
Boric Acid (Low Sulphate)
Borax Pentahydrate
Borax Decahydrate
Ground Colemanite
Borax Decahydrate
Soluble Boron B21 - DOT ( Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate)
Anhydrous Ulexite

Minerals and Raw Materials:

Iron Ore
Ingots and Billets
Chrome Ore

The method of rehabilitating aged sewer pipeline by making new PVC / HDPE pipe inside of host pipe. The technology is available for Sewerage, Drainage & Potable Waterline.


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